What's this Service?

We take you home in your own car. We are different from a taxi.

Simply Call or Text us @ 270-883-2876

We will arrive one of two ways:

1. On our folding scooter,which we will leave on.

2. In our vehicle with an extra driver to follow us.

What's the Cost?

$2/mile* + $10/pickup

*no limit to distance required

You can pay by Cash or Credit/Debit Card.  Driver does not carry change for cash.  

Tipping is always appreciated.

Why Use Sober Scooter?

Using Sober Scooter can help with:

  • Avoid DUI Costs and consequences
  • Your vehicle won't be towed
  • Can save your life or the lives of others  
  •       if an accident should happen
  • You get to ride in your car, which is 
  •       familiar and comfortable